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By Michael Leach

Welcome to the Water Filtration and Purification System Reviews website!

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Our website has been developed to provide you with a single resource for your water filtration needs in your home and outdoor activities.  This site provides you with reviews of the top-ranked, commercially-available water filtration systems, based solely upon candid, objective customer feedback. No original content has been added by our staff.

We will be continually reviewing customer feedback on water filtration system products in a variety of categories including, but not limited to, reverse osmosis systems, under-sink systems, counter-top systems, shower-mounted systems, portable systems, water distillation systems, faucet-mounted systems, ion exchange systems, whole house systems, backcountry systems, water purification systems and water testing kits with the intent of only including those systems on the site that meet a 4-star rating (or above) out of 5.  We will update the site as new information and/or products become available.

Should We Filter Our Drinking Water?

We’ve often asked ourselves “Why should I even consider filtering my drinking water?  After all, I get my water from the city water commission and they make sure my water’s safe.  Or, I get my water from a well, and that’s as pure as nature can provide.”  While it’s easy to take our water quality for granted, our research indicates that perhaps we should exercise due diligence regarding the quality of our drinking water.

From a water quality perspective, the EPA currently regulates 90+ different contaminants in drinking water with maximum allowable levels set through the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974.  However, through 2009, the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog group that focuses on environmental issues, identified 315 contaminants in drinking water across the United States.  Therefore, over 200 known contaminants in our drinking water are NOT regulated by the EPA.

Contaminants Also Found in Urban and Suburban Environments!

What was surprising to us was that these contaminants are found not only in rural environments, but also in urban and suburban environments!  Harmful pollutants such as inorganic contaminants (minerals, fluoride, nitrates, arsenic, iron, lead, etc.), inorganic contaminants (chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, V.O.C, etc.), bacteria, viruses, and parasites are frequently found in water we’ve assumed to be safe for drinking.  Even chlorine and fluoride, which are routinely found in drinking water, pose significant threats to health when they exceed EPA standards.  And they do in many places in the US.

Don’t Trust Your Groundwater!

The USGS reports that over 50% of the US population relies upon ground water for drinking and other household uses, and nearly 100% in rural areas. It’s further estimated that 75% of cities and manufacturing facilities use ground water in some way.

The population explosion, aging infrastructure, and industrial expansion the US has experienced over the last 50 years are having an increasingly negative effect on the quality of our ground water.  More organic and inorganic chemicals, minerals, and bacteria are being released into ground water aquifers than ever before.

Sources of Ground Water Contamination

Contamination sources include, but are not limited to, large and small industrial operations, landfills, oil and gas mining operations, agricultural fertilization, animal feeding operations, malfunctioning waste treatment facilities, septic systems, and even gas stations.

Further, the Groundwater Foundation estimates that there are over 10,000,000 underground commercial and private petroleum and chemical storage tanks located throughout urban and rural areas of the US, many of which are corroding and leaking due to age or lack of maintenance. Additionally, there is thought to be over 20,000 known abandoned and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites releasing toxic contaminants into the ground water, and that number is growing yearly.

Amazingly, even some treatments that are used to ensure the “safety” of our drinking water, e.g. Chlorine, can combine with rotting material to form known carcinogens in ground water.

Why should we be concerned?

Presence of these contaminants in drinking water can lead to serious health issues. Gastrointestinal, neurological, vascular, and reproductive problems have been seen across all demographics in both rural and urban settings, the severest of which are often seen in infants (blue baby syndrome), children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems due to chemotherapy, transplant medications, AIDS, etc.  If the source of your drinking water is local ground water or city water sourced by groundwater, you should be concerned and become an informed consumer.

What can we do about it?

Government agencies such as the CDC and EPA are responsible for the safety of our drinking water in the US.  They and special interest non-profit organizations such as the Groundwater Foundation and the Environmental Working Group recommend:

  • Get educated in your local ground water issues by requesting ground water reports from your local water commission.  Review relevant ground water reports published by both the CDC and EPA to better understand the trends in ground water contamination.
  • Whether your drinking water is sourced by your city or by your well, get your water tested annually by a certified testing lab.
  • Review your drinking water filtration options to ensure safe drinking water in your home.

But Don’t Despair!

Our research indicates that water filtration/purification systems are constantly being developed and improved to remove these impurities.  A variety of Activated Carbon, Ultraviolet, and Membrane-based systems are being used individually or in combination by homeowners, businesses, and backcountry adventurers to ensure that these contaminants remain at safe levels in their drinking water.

We at Water Filtration and Purification System Reviews are committed to continually researching top-ranked, commercially-available water filtration and purification system products for inclusion on our website to allow our visitors to have the opportunity to ensure that the water they drink is safe.

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